POW! WOW! Worcester 2016


What It Is

A ten day international mural festival coordintated by Action! Worcester, POW! WOW! Worldwide, and the POW! WOW! Worcester Festival Committee.

What It Is Doing

The POW! WOW! Worcester international mural festival strives to cultivate a vibrant public space, contributing social and intellectual capital at a low- to no- cost to community members. Festival programming brings people together via artist talks, outdoor celebrations, and fundraisers. The murals produced by the festival serve to strengthen the community while remaining culturally sensitive to the area, and allowing for beautification without inherent gentrification of neighborhoods. 

Why we did it

The murals endeavor to activate space and increase walkability to enhance public safety and the perception of the Downtown, inspiring pride in residents. The festival generates local economic growth through tourism, incentivizing people to return to see murals and visit local businesses discovered during the event.

The Partners

The Sponsors


Volunteer At A!W

We are always looking to grow our volunteer team at Action! Worcester. We have so many ways for people with a variety of interests to get involved. Join our Action! Squad today and tell us how you want to help make an impact in the community.

Support Our Mission

Passion drives what we do at Action! Worcester, but passion only goes so far in developing and implementing programs that help to enhance the Worcester community. Our donors and sponsors are who make our work possible. Consider donating today!