Our Mission

To catalyze change that builds strong communities through observation, conversation, and collaboration.


Our Core Values

  1. Innovation is realized by keeping an open mind
  2. Collaboration is fundamental to progress
  3. Inclusivity is vital to equitable development
  4. Sustainability is key to smart growth
  5. Analysis is critical to comprehensive understanding
  6. Design is the tool that delivers change

Current Driving Goals

  • Fundraise & generate revenue to support the mission of Action! Worcester moving into the future
  • Create dynamic programming that engages residents and visitors in meaningful ways
  • Raise awareness to city, community and social initiatives and events in Worcester
  • Provide resources to increase accessibility to entrepreneurship in Central MA
  • Drive smart urban growth through data and innovative ideas
  • Connect students and young professionals to events, organizations, and activities in Worcester


As part of our mission to create a vibrant community, we created the #LetsMakeWorcester video series to highlight people working toward the same vision. Share your ideas with us using the hashtag #LetsMakeWorcester!