Accessible Entrepreneurship Initiative


What It Is

Events and programming developed to provide barrier-free entry to entrepreneurial pursuits.

What It Is Doing

This initiative seeks to remove any barrier to entry from community members seeking to engage with entrepreneurship and innovation in Worcester. By providing free and accessible resources to individuals in the community, we hope to catalyze partnerships, projects, and innovations that enhance Worcester's culture and economy.

Why we are doing it

We strongly believe that in order for communities to truly be successful they must be inclusive to all members within it. By empowering our residents to think innovatively and pursue entrepreneurial development, we will position Worcester as a though leader in the region and attract top-tier intellectual capital to our city.


Current Programming

Open Work Days

Free pop-up coworking at the Worcester Idea Lab where people can work on their respective projects while meeting other people from the community. Free WiFi and coffee available every Wednesday from 8am - 5 pm.


BYOB: Bring Your Own Business (and Beverage)

A social networking event at the Worcester Idea Lab on the first Wednesday of the month. Bring your beverage of choice and business cards for an evening of casual networking. Whether you're seeking to make connections for your latest business venture or just looking to meet like-minded people in the area, this event offers something for everyone. 

These events are held in partnership with the Worcester Business Development Corporation.

Volunteer At A!W

We are always looking to grow our volunteer team at Action! Worcester. We have so many ways for people with a variety of interests to get involved. Join our Action! Squad today and tell us how you want to help make an impact in the community.

Support Our Mission

Passion drives what we do at Action! Worcester, but passion only goes so far in developing and implementing programs that help to enhance the Worcester community. Our donors and sponsors are who make our work possible. Consider donating today!